The Kidney Citizen Issue 8

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In this Issue: Dialysis Patients Secure Access to Life Saving Care Why Advocate? Going Home Beginning the Dialysis Adventure Staying Safe from Violence at Dialysis Finding Answers Through Research Living Well on Dialysis When a Kidney Transplant Fails Choosing a Partner with Kidney Disease The Sweetest Taboo Put Out the Fire! Simple Strategies to Reduce Chronic Inflammation Download PDF President's Message Dear friends, As I watch the change of seasons from winter to spring, I also see some exciting things in store for our membership. We still have our two Facebook pages, one [...]

Is This the Future of ESRD Care? A New Program Goes the Extra Mile for Dialysis Patients

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By, Jackson Williams, Government Affairs Director for Dialysis Patient Citizens For more than a decade, officials in Washington, DC have been experimenting with ways to reorganize Medicare to deliver better care at lower costs. Several of these “demonstration projects” have involved ESRD patients. Now, the largest such program for dialysis patients has kicked off at 13 locations across the U.S. It’s called the ESRD Seamless Care Organization, or “ESCO,” model. This article describes what one of these projects, Philadelphia-Camden Integrated Kidney Care, is doing to improve care for its patients. Philadelphia-Camden Integrated Kidney Care covers about 2,000 patients at DaVita clinics in the [...]

Paired Kidney Donation

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Paired Kidney Donation is an alternative option given to those who are not directly compatible with their recipient. Some transplant programs participate in Paired Kidney Donation, which allows an incompatible donor to still help their loved one who is in need of a kidney transplant. Paired Kidney Donation allows more recipients to have the benefit of living donor kidneys and provides a way for motivated, healthy living donors to still help his or her potential recipient. Essentially, Paired Kidney Donation works by allowing a blood type or crossmatch incompatible kidney transplant recipient and their donor to exchange kidneys with other donor/recipient [...]

Can a Kidney Disease Chef Lose Weight?

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By Duane Sunwold I’m a chronic kidney disease (CKD) patient that teaches in a culinary program. That means I’m around food ALL the time, plus the medication I was on caused me to gain an extra 70 pounds. I know managing your weight with kidney disease can be a challenge. Here are a few of the tips I used to help manage my weight. Eating the right types of food was key to losing the weight. That meant I had to embrace my doctor’s and dietitian’s advice. I planned out my 3 meals and 3 snacks a day, and followed [...]